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A Refractometer for every demanding Laboratory application for Measuring Refractive Index. Rudolph offers the widest range of refractometers available in the market. Rudolph is a leading analytical laboratory instrument supplier. For instance, we manufacture precision quality, benchtop instrumentation. We serve the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Petroleum, Petro-Chemical, Food, Beverage, Flavor, fragrance and Alcohol in

dustries. Therefore, all our instruments are designed to meet specific application requirements.. Our instruments are designed to exceed your requirements. To meet many needs, we offer a range of models and numerous configurations. We are of course always pleased to advise you as you make a purchase decision for your laboratory.

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The AUTOPOL VI Automatic Polarimeter is Rudolph’s top of the line six wavelength polarimeter.  Its specifically designed for the most demanding analytical laboratories.  In addition, the built in Ethernet port allows saving data directly to your network server. It also allows printing to a network printer. For instance, The USB ports allow printing to a printer that has Windows® drivers.  This unit comes standard with six wavelengths. It also comes with TempTrol™ NIST traceable standard, TempTrol™ sample cell, TempTrol™ temperature validation cell and IQOQ (Installation Quality, Operation Quality) documentation. AUTOPOL VI Polarimeter.

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