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The Kinematica LPP line is mainly designed for Laboratory benchtop use and can easily scale-up from simple Hand-Held solutions able to process a few milliliters solution till much higher capacity Batch Homogenizers targeting Pilot Plants Systems and Industrial mass-scale production up to 10 000 liters. Such product range is part of our PPP line offering.

In addition to the legendary POLYTRON® brand that is encompassing the line of Rotor/Stator  technology Homogenizers, KINEMATICA offers also powerful Stirring and Dry Milling solutions under the POLYMIX® brand, in addition to blade-based technology for cuttable materials reduction (the MICROTRON® family) and highly-customizable reactors under the REACTRON® brand.

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Your needs are our task. Learn all about our product ­benefits for your industry.

The Kinematica PPP Line has a full range of In-line dispersing solutions fitting a variety of industrial specialized needs: from solutions to fit into fully sterile environments required mostly by the Pharmaceutical Industry, till Atmosphere Explosive compliant systems, required by the Chemical manufacturing sectors. Industrial large batches production needs can also be addressed.

All the solutions are fully certified and in perfect adherence to the highest compliancy standards. Absolute safety and perfect design are the pillars of all Kinematica products. Whatever the business line is, the Kinematica broad products portfolio can match either Laboratory and Industrial specifications by granting  a true scalability with working volumes from a few ml up to 250.000 l/h and above.
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