Various samplers for flawless sampling with comprehensive accessories. Europe’s most extensive programme of professional sampling systems for all applications.

  • Samplers for bulk goods

  • Samplers for liquids

  • Samplers for viscous substances

  • Disposable & sterile samplers

  • Scoops, scrapers, spoons and spatulas

  • Forceps

  • Soil sampling

  • Ice and meat sampling

  • Transport of samples

  • Accessories for samplers

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Barrel pumps, hand pumps, filling devices, taps and dosing pumps particularly for filling off and decanting aggressive and flammable liquids such as acids, alkalis or solvents.

  • Barrel pumps

  • Container pumps

  • Electric pumps

  • Jerrycans with stopcock

  • Dosage pumps

  • Other pumps

  • Accessories for pumps

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Bottles, boxes, canisters, containers, wide-necked jerrycans, compact containers, storage containers, transport containers and packing for all requirements and applications in the laboratory, in industry and in science.

  • Bottles

  • Boxes

  • Canister & bulk containers

  • Storage, transport, safety containers

  • Buckets

  • Packaging bags

  • Accessories for containers

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Industrial & laboratory equipment

Lab equipment, laboratory apparatus, lab articles made of plastic, trays, bowls, fittings, volume measuring equipment, funnels, hose connectors, safety wear etc., everything indispensable when working in the laboratory.

  • Trays, bowls, buckets

  • Draining & test-tube racks, cleaning

  • Volume measurement, funnels

  • Tubings, tubing connectors, valves, couplings

  • Threaded fittings, ball valves

  • Vacuum pumps, Water-jet pumps

  • Cooling, dry ice

  • General laboratory equipment

  • Protective equipment

  • Accessories for laboratory equipment

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