Positive Pressure Manifolds for simple Sample Preparation

Biotage® PRESSURE+ manifolds deliver positive pressure, parallel processing for 96 well plates, 1 mL 3 mL and 6 mL column formats. The systems utilize a consistent, uniform flow of positive pressure to move both low and high viscosity liquids through SPE plates and columns.

Features and Advantages

  • Highly uniform flow from sample to sample for SPE, Protein Precipitation and Supported Liquid Extraction
  • Improved reproducibility, accuracy and extraction efficiency, even with viscous samples
  • Parallel processing for increased sample throughput
  • Easy to set-up and use with just a gas source
  • Universal designs accommodate all 96 well plates, or 1 mL, 3 mL and 6 mL SPE columns
  • Built-in safety features ensure ease of use and safe operation
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TurboVap® II

Automated Solvent Evaporation System

The new TurboVap® II is built on the solid foundations of reliability and peformance that made it the market leader for solvent evaporation. The unit provides parallel evaporation of up to 6 samples in either 50 mL or 200 mL glassware with or without end point detection. The modern design incorporates many new customer driven features for easier use and expanded functionality. TurboVap II still utilizes the highly efficient patented gas vortex shearing technology, which is synonymous with the TurboVap brand.

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  • Sample preparation
  • Flash Purification
  • Evaporation & Concentration
  • Process Development
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